Suleiman Stone Sphere

Suleiman Stone Sphere SOLD!   You will be purchasing this Suleiman stone

Suleiman Stone Sphere



You will be purchasing this Suleiman stone in the picture. This sphere measures 38 mm or 1 1/2 inches.  weight is 80 grams

The Stand is not included, however, you will receive a crystal ring.

Suleiman Stone just may be the most powerful healing stone on the planet!  Suleiman wasn’t known in the USA until recently,  however, shamans and healers have been using this stone since ancient times for its ability to absorb and store negative energies. The ancients used the stone directly on and around the energy body of the person allowing the suleiman energies to absorb illnesses and even evil spirits in the persons energy field. They also used it to help channel higher beings to assist in their healings.

The healing potential of this stone is more powerful than Clear Quartz Crystals if used properly. 

Since Suleiman Stone is not a self cleaning stone it is wise to keep it near a piece of selenite which will extract the negative energy from the stone and always cleanse it in salt water after each use to be sure it is pure for the next use.

Suleiman stone is a stone of choice if you need to create good in your life. It is used as a creation tool and in my experience I have not heard of another stone that has more creation power then suleiman stone. Hold the stone in your hand and make a heart felt wish for the good of all concerned and allow suleiman stone to do its job.  Your wishes will come true by working with this stone, however, be sure to always wish for good.  It helps one with rituals of magic; creating your reality through intention. It will clear any space of evil wishes, negative thoughts, curses, hexes, witchcraft, black magic, the evil eye, possessions, or any evil doing.  It removes psychological, spiritual, diabolical, and physical ailments so can be used to improve anyone’s well being.

There are many Spiritual Releasement Therapists using this stone as an adjunct to other methods of detaching spirits from the energy body and have had great success.

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