Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Energy Generator
Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator Black Tourmaline Extra Large Crystal Generator


Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator Black Tourmaline

Extra Large Crystal Generator

POWERFUL HEALING ENERGY!  This Black Tourmaline crystal consists of 7 Black Tourmaline points and a conical Black Tourmaline pyramid in the center.  Very Rare to be all Black Tourmaline.


Size is 3 1/4 inches


If there was one healing tool that we would say is a ‘must have’ tool, it is the Black Tourmaline Energy Generator.


This is the ultimate protection/healing stone, producing an amazing amount of power in its construction.


It has the ability to repel energy allowing only good energy surrounding your space.


If you feel your energy field needs a deep cleansing, place 4 Black Tourmaline crystals around your body; one on each side near your waist, one over the head, and one below the feet while lying down, then place a clear quartz crystal on various energy points you sense need cleansing, and lie there for 15 to 20 minutes and allow the crystals to pull out all the blockages in your energy field and transmute them to good. The Black Tourmaline will allow the clear quartz crystals to do its job well and it protects and shields any negative energies from entering any area of your energy body. You should feel very relaxed, yet full of energy when it is over. 


The crystal helps tremendously with energy drain!


It relieves mental problems like worry and fear or a victim mentality.


Used traditionally on the root chakra, it can be used successfully on all chakras as it balances the entire energy body. Used mostly as a grounding stone.


Black Tourmaline has long been used for blocking spells and black magic, psychic attack, bad thoughts of others, and is very effective at blocking electromagnetic rays from all your appliances.


I wasn’t aware of how powerful it was till we lost the electric for one week. During that week I felt full of energy, and stamina. I felt normal! I didn’t realize I was feeling this way till the electric came back on and I noticed within two hours I felt tired and drained, listless, not wanting to do anything, The effect was too dramatic to ignore.


I bought the Black Tourmaline generators and placed two besides my bed and near my computer and the next day I felt normal again, full of healthy energy, as if the electric went out again, only this time it didn’t. If you are a healer, this stone comes highly recommended in any shape or size however when a pyramid crystal is placed in the center of 7 crystal points, the effect the pyramid has is intensified allowing the concentrated energy of the pyramid to flow out through each crystal point, increasing the area and intensity of the healing force field around the crystal generator. This shape amplifies the positive effects of the crystals characteristics.


Physically it has helped intestinal problems, stomach ache, bloat, constipation, back and neck pain, muscle tension, aids detoxification, and has been shown to be an effective treatment for scars. Have negative energy in a room?

Place the crystal in the room and allow it to clear out the bad vibes!


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